Channelling Demonic Spirits

Posted By on December 24, 2015

“We want to talk to you of love. We want to blend with you – we want to blend our energy with yours so we can touch each other – so we can work together.” – Lazaris, an internationally infamous spirit-entity channelled by Jack Pursell.

“We are here to merge, to blend with your human egos, to help your race become the central guidance system of a vast new being.” – Angels, channelled by popular New Age leader Ken Carey.

Channelling is indeed a blending, a merging, a touching between humans and dark spiritual forces. However these demonic entities present a friendly, wise and benevolent front and cater for the self indulgences of those seeking to communicate with them. Channelling is the single most influential phenomenon in the New Age today. A tsunami of seminars, consultation sessions, books, andĀ audio and visual materials have flooded into every corner of the New Age movement.

Furthermore, increasing numbers of healthcare professionals, psychologists, philosophers, educators and other influential people subtly integrate these occult concepts into their respective professional fields.

shirley maclaine

Shirley MacLaine

Channelling starting to become a hot phenomenon in the New Age movement around about 1982 to 1985, coinciding with theĀ beginning of the Shirley MacLaine era, and it’s exponential growth to the present day shows no sign of diminishing. The disturbing trend of self-worship has only served to accelerate the growth of such occult practices as lovers of self seek more and more money, power, health and “spiritual enlightenment.”

Commenting on this, Christian authors John Ankerberg and John Weldon write: “Thus the stage has been set for a revival of spiritualism that could dwarf earlier eras.”

Typically, those who engage in such forbidden occult practices as channelling may have heard the alluring words emanating from “spirits of wisdom” who claim to be “Ascended Masters”, a “spirit-God”, an extraterrestrial visitor, a dolphin, the “Council of Twelve amongst a host of other cosmic con men. On stage the medium goes into a trance and often twitches involuntarily as the spirit takes over his or her body, and the medium progressively relinquishes control of their faculties. In many cases a complete change of demeanour, posture, tone of voice, speech style, and general bearing occurs as the spirit’s presence manifests itself through the medium’s body.

Often there is a perceptible tingling, buzzing, electric sensations and high-pitched ear ringing experienced by many in attendance as the spirit starts to assert it’s powers of subliminal persuasion and hypnotic charms. The audience is spellbound as the veil between heaven and earth part and the “gods” form above impart their celestial dewdrops to the the elite in attendance. Using invariably highly dramatic methods, the spirits proceed to dispense exalted proclamations and predictions, sometimes even accompanied by miracles or promises of miracles or many varieties.

While the disguised demon is seeding an outpouring of New Age occult thoughts into peoples’ minds’ there is much more going on that meets the eye.Carl Raschke, professor of religion at the University of Denver says, “I am convince that there is some kind of mass hypnosis going on.” This is exactly the case. Through speech cadence, orchestrated body and hand movements, the spirit weaves a hypnotic web of rainbow-gilded infiltration. Not only do the participants take in false information but also absorb the permeating influences of the demon’s formidable powers, into the mind, soul and spirit. Often and open-eyed trance-state overtakes the participants and include experiences such as a sense of relaxations, pleasant tingling sensations, and fascination with what is happening at the time.

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