Crystal Power – New Age Millstone

Posted By on December 24, 2015

Crystals and gemstones have no power or light in and of themselves. They are inert objects which have no “special” spiritual or any other power. But in the context of mind-power-based and other types of New Age techniques, there are some types of unusual effects experienced subjectively – and sometimes powerfully so. These effects are not measurable scientifically and are therefore subject to all sorts of wild metaphysical theories, speculations, and fantasies which serve only as yet another powerful New Age delusion.

Crystals have a long history of usage as power objects in the practices of witches, wizards, sorcerers, alchemists, shamans, and other occult practitioners. There is sometimes a subjective “experience” that the crystal is assisting in some way in manipulating occult forces. Although there is no way to prove that this is in fact the case, crystals have a long history in the occult.

Nowhere in the Bible are crystals mentioned or encouraged in the context of spiritual practices. In fact, the Bible forbids the use of any objects (graven images) that we associate with God or Jesus Christ and plainly teaches that where objects were used in the Bible in relation to spiritual practices, they were identified as idols, evil, pagan, and part of the Mystery Babylon false religion.

A good example of this in the Bible was the occult practice of erecting standing stones under or near olive groves. By default, whatever is not explicitly taught as acceptable spiritual practice or beliefs in Scripture, must therefore be considered to be forbidden spiritual practice. The reason that the Bible forbids certain practices such as attempting to communicate with the dead (necromancy), or astrology, or fortune telling, spiritualism (channelling) etc, is that clearly these are identified as pagan practices that dabble in the dark arts – the evil side of the spirit world. The Bible also teaches that what is not sacrificed to the true God is by default sacrificed to demons. This teaching alone confirms that anyone who does not worship Jesus Christ as Lord, is engaging with and worshipping demons. It should then be self evident that someone who is truly a Christian will not have any desire to dabble with pagan or demonic spiritual practices.

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