Spiritual Humanism

Posted By on December 24, 2015

The new age movement can best be understood as a broad spectrum of non-Christian philosophies and practices that can be categorised as NEW AGE SPIRITUAL HUMANISM. The cornerstone of this humanism is the belief that man is divine in nature, and is therefore essentially “God” or an enlightened “God-man”.

New Age Man, believing himself to be divinely perfect and ultimately all-powerful, sets himself up on a cosmic throne. This highly touted god-man claims to have inherently unlimited powers to command and manipulate the universe according to his sovereign will. Man is elevated to the status of divinity, deity, and sovereignty – the essence of the blasphemy of New Age spiritual humanism that seeks to exalt sinful man to godhood and to displace Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The New Age school of thought offers a myriad of substitutes for Jesus the Chief Cornerstone. Different from the atheist/agnostic orientation of secular humanism, New Age spiritual humanism presents a spiritually based set of belief-system alternatives to the Christian faith.

Just as secular humanism offers its own type of anti-religious deceits to certain types of people, so too does spiritual humanism, but to an entirely different strata of people in our society; mainly people who hunger and search for spiritual meaning, truth, and fulfilment in their lives.

Secular humanism denies Deity and exalts man’s own intellectual, creative, and moral powers as the way to find true meaning in life. On the other hand, spiritual humanism affirms Deity, albeit it a distinctly different deity concept than that found in Christian theology. This alternative form of humanistic deity casts man into a role of a higher race of cosmic gods, with correspondingly grandiose god-power – the ultimate “power trip.”

Secular humanism puts man on an earthbound throne of scientific rationalism, self-generated “truth”, and self-created destiny. On the other hand, spiritual humanism, assigns man to a throne that spans the heavens and the earth in a divine heritage of universal lordship, omnipotence, and self-created glory.

In The New Age Rage, Robert L.Burrows amplifies this topic: “Ironically, New Age spiritually echoes, and is a logical extension of the secularism it repudiates. Both deny the reality of a Creator, and both see humanity as the final arbiter of truth and value. New Age spirituality simply heightens secularism’s mistakes by inflating humanity’s significance, yielding what Brooks Alexander dubs ‘cosmic humanism'””.

In Unmasking the New Age, Douglas Groothuis further clarifies this important philosophical point: “The old-fashioned secular humanist … said, ‘There is no Deity. Long live humanity.’ The new transpersonal or cosmic humanist says. ‘There is no Deity but humanity.’ God is pulled into the human breast. Scientific prowess and rationality as the crowning human achievements are outstripped by psychic ability and unlimited potentials.”

However, the falseness and deep-seated dangers of the forces of secular humanism are well documented in Christian literature. In short, New Age doctrine simply perpetuates the old lie of Satan that man can become a “God” or that men are in fact “gods” and simply have not come to a realisation of the “divine truth” yet. Genesis 3 reveals Satan’s deception and his attempts to subvert worship of the true God Jehovah, in every way possible, using all manner of deception.

The New Age movement has no centralised organisations controlling it’s doctrines, agenda, or activities. It is described as a leaderless but powerful network. This characteristic has allowed room for an immense variety of philosophies and phenomena to flourish through all manner of diverse organisations and individuals.

In any one city one will usually find many professional groups, businesses, organisations, classes, teachers, New Age professionals, and psychics etc. These clusters of loosely connected networks eventually spread throughout the land just as weeds will eventually spread in a garden. What used to at one time be the arena of gurus, witches and warlocks is now the domain of virtually every type of person in society. Furthermore, the New Age has so many facets and offshoots that is has infiltrated every facet of society in both obvious and sometimes subtle ways. This subversive infiltration extends to religion, business, politics, music, education and science. The New Age has wormed it’s way into Western Culture in many more ways than most people realise.

New Age spiritualism is primarily born of a deep-seated disillusionment or dissatisfaction with orthodox Western materialistic values and institutions.  Furthermore, as created spirit beings, all of humanity has a desire to make sense of our existence and place in the grand scheme of things. We have deep seated spiritual needs that materialism cannot fulfil. The evidence of a creator God is all around us but when we reject the source of all truth (Jesus Christ), and God’s laws as found in the Bible, we are given over to believe a lie and worship the creature. In it’s extreme form, the rejection of God’s truth (i.e. the God of the Bible), results in the worship of self as god which is the ultimate form of idolatry and blasphemy. According to Romans 1 and 2, God gives mankind over to believe lies and foolishness as a penalty for rejecting absolute truth. This includes sexual perversion and immorality, which according to Scripture, is the beginning of God’s judgement.

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