Acquiring Familiar Spirits

Posted By on December 28, 2015

Familiar spirits operate in a somewhat different manner than those involved in trance channelling, although the all work towards the same evil ends. While trance channelling involves the spirit fully inhabiting the medium’s body while the medium is absent, familiar spirits function more like counsellors of “inner friends” who communicate invisibly with the person during an altered state of consciousness.

In this case the person usually employs some form of step-by-step ASC technique to get into a deeply relaxed, receptive (and vulnerable) state of mind. At this point, the familiar spirit is contacted and some form of communication occurs. The manner of communication is as unique as the individual but there is usually some form of mental imaging (visualisations), or some other type of volitional opening of the lines of communication with these inner guides who present themselves in many ways.


Some ways in which familiar spirits present themselves …

  • Friend
  • Wise One
  • Inner Counsellor
  • Spirit Guide
  • Inner Healer
  • Master
  • Higher Self
  • Ascended Master
  • Friendly Extraterrestrial
  • Power Animal
  • Dolphin Deva
  • Archetype
  • Council of Masters
  • Angel of Light
  • Crystal Helper
  • Bodiless Sphere of Light
  • Spark of Universal Intelligence
  • A large variety of other identities

The practice of engaging with  familiar spirits is one of the most diverse, pervasive, and influential New Age methods in use today. In terms of mainstream societal infiltration, some types of familiar spirit practices have made the deepest New Age inroads into society.

These include areas of society such as:

  • Psychology
  • Inner healing movements
  • Success / Motivation Techniques
  • Creativity Enhancement Methods
  • Mind-Power schools of thought
  • Stress management
  • Creative visualisation techniques
  • Intuition building

In theses cases a greater degree of discernment is necessary since many people who acquire familiar spirits do not realise what is actually happening. Essentially, any type of method that established an “inner helper” of one type or another, and accesses it during an altered stated of conciousness, constitutes the practice of engaging with a familiar spirit. This type of practice should be avoided at all costs.

Once a spirit guide or spirit helper is acquired, the individual has indeed acquired something – a deceiving parasitic spiritual demonic influence. It is not uncommon for information or influences received via inner helpers to actually prove helpful in some cases.Familiar spirits offer some short term “rewards” in order to sink their demonic hooks deeper and deeper into their unsuspecting victims.

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