Altered States of Consciousness

Posted By on December 24, 2015

One of the most powerful strategies in Satan’s New Age deception is the use of a large variety of altered states of conciousness to induce contact and interaction with demon-spirits and their many faceted powers. In the majority of cases, altered states of conciousness are thought by New Agers to be a healthy means to open themselves to positive, benign, and what they believe to be beneficial spiritual and psychological influences. It is thought that an integral part of developing one’s unlimited human potential is learning how to put oneself into various types of higher states of consciousness.

The basic idea is that there are thousands of different levels of higher consciousness available to man, where each level accesses a different type of universal experience and what corresponding benefits. It is claimed that man’s evolutionary imperative is to claim these aspects of his unlimited, divine heritage in order to grow into a more evolved and more advanced human being – the New Age god-man who supposedly now possesses unlimited abilities.

The host of positive benefits are claimed to be …
  • Contacting higher sources of universal wisdom.
  • Releasing psychological traumas.
  • Getting in touch with one’s intuition and psychological powers.
  • Developing a variety of psychic powers.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Contacting spirit guides.
  • Creating health, prosperity, and happiness.
  • Having fun.
  • Becoming more “centred” and “together”.
  • Programming the sub-concious mind with positive attitudes.
  • Exploring the higher heavenly realms, and many more.

An altered state of conciousness basically can be defined as a trance of trance-like state of mind, normally induced by specific techniques, rituals, or other sorts of volitional efforts. In most cases, the person is in a deeply relaxed, passive, receptive, non-rational state in which he or she is opening themselves to psychological and/or spiritual experiences. The state can occur with eyes open or closed. The main problem is that the person participating in this process, is opening a door in the mind that weakens the rational, critical faculties as hypnotically mesmerising influences open the person up to undesirable effects of exposure to the dark side of the spirit world. The recurring theme in ASC is relaxed passivitiy and decreased rational analytical faculties in a trance-like state.

Instructions for entering an ASC often include …
  • “Let go and surrender.”
  • “Allow your body to feel like it’s dissolving into infinity.”
  • “Release all rational analysis and let it all flow.”
  • “Visualise yourself as a perfect being of light.”
  • “Feel like you’re floating into another dimension.”
  • “See yourself spiralling upwards into the spirit realms.”
  • “Let go of your body and float upwards.”
  • “Just flow through any feelings of fear, alarm, or suspicion.”
  • “Feel your body becoming warm and tingling all over as you release yourself into deeper and deeper relaxation.”
  • “Just allow any thoughts or emotions to arise, surrender to them, and let them flow through you.”
Instructions such as these and many more variations lead the participants progressively to a point where they lower their guard, relaxing into a deep state of passivity and vulnerability, and surrendering to higher spiritual forces, energies, and spiritual experiences which they cannot anticipate or control. There are many associated tools and methods used for inducing ACS’s including …
  • Mystical New Age music
  • Looking into a mirror for extended periods
  • Guided creative visualisation
  • Hypnosis
  • Swirling, psychedelic light-shows
  • Repetitious drum beating
  • Repetitious chanting
  • Occult breathing techniques
  • New Age deep relaxation exercises
  • Psychedelic drugs
  • Yoga positions
  • Gazing at esoteric geometric figures
  • Metaphysical sex practices
  • Brain-relaxation machines
  • Self-hypnosis
  • All types of New Age meditation
  • Subliminal audio and video
  • Twirling occult dances and repetitious body movements
  • Crystal power techniques
  • A multitude of others
In effect, by dropping one’s guard and thereby opening forbidden doors into the spirit world, the participant establishes a breach through which demons can  infiltrate, and often in subtle ways.

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